How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring


How to test the display screen size of the pc and find Laptop Screen Size in Windows 10? Well, many questions are roaming in your head regarding locating your computer’s display length.

Let me let you know it’s so clean, and I will manual you little by little on how you can easily find your pc display screen size.

The laptop’s display size varies in size and ratio. Also, the display length is the most attractive characteristic for many clients once they need to buy a computer because a giant display computer has a higher resolution than a tiny display laptop.

The second you want to repair or update your computer’s screen or buy a computer case, you’ll ask: “the way to find out your laptop display length without measuring.” You won’t have memorized size information, nor a ruler or measuring tool. Here are some hints on the way to discover your laptop screen length without measuring.

Laptop monitors are available in various sizes, and it can be tough to discover what your screen size is. This article will show you how to decide the size of your laptop display, so you know which one fits you.

 If you’re studying this, then probabilities are accurate that finding out what screen size your laptop has given the impression of a vital venture. So allow us to assist! Here we’ll stroll through some steps on the way to do simply that. We hope they give you the results you want in addition to the fact that they have worked for all of us who have used them earlier than before!

Using medical specifications:

An easy way to locate your laptop’s display screen size without measuring is to check your computer’s version specifications. These specifications might either be on the casing you purchased it in, to be had from its person guide, or you may test the duvet on the lowest of your laptop to see if they may be there. The specifications ought to, in reality, country the display size or inside the least have the model variety.

Suppose you can’t get entry to the specifications from the laptop’s packaging or cover, a quick search on your laptop settings for the model information needs to work. The screen length can be determined under the laptop homes, commonly inside the show settings folder. If not, strive for the superior display settings tab. Be cautious now not to modify those if you don’t apprehend what they represent.

The search might monitor the model specifications in a few instances and not the display screen size. Use this version range to search online for the dimensions of your display. This won’t be accurate data if it is well known. There will be an internet site in many instances, particularly in your make, and you may inquire from their customer service approximately the dimensions.

Another choice might be to go looking online for comparable devices to yours and try to approximate the size of your screen. Search for the make and version that comes closest to yours. This may not be accurate but may serve within the purpose you want the scale for, like buying a pc bag.

You will want extra correct measurements if you want the dimensions for purposes like buying display screen guards or connecting to other screening devices. A more suitable seek might be for a command-line code to produce the specs for the tech-savvy ones. However, this wants not to be too complicated as you reproduce the code relying on your pc version, paste it into your command spark off (you may search your pc for this software), and run the code. This code will provide accurate measurements relying on whether or now not your drivers are up to date. You will want to realize how to read those effects.

  • Using app and website

The digital international has revolutionized technology. Online Rulers are apps that assist you with degree factors on your pc or desktop display. You will need to download and install the software, but it will prevent loads of time compared to looking for lines of code and specifications. 

Though, these received paintings if you need to measure the bezel location. Some apps require you to go into your cutting-edge display resolution and a few other display screen specifications, then packages do the relaxation for you. However, most online rulers assist you in actually dragging the edge of the displayed ruler from one nook to the alternative to get the lengths of your display screen.

Virtual rulers are an incredible alternative because you may convert to exclusive measurements and calibrate it as wished; you may also use them to degree-specific areas of your display screen as well as pics and other items.

There are some tremendous websites to help you degree your laptop display length. These websites require fundamental facts like the make and model of the pc, your recent decision, or different provisions and can generate the measurements in seconds.

  • Other points to note:

  • Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution is the period used to indicate the number of pixels being packed into the display areas. Most laptops come with 1920 x 1080, while inexpensive options include 1024 x 720 choices. To make the term extra natural to apprehend, maximum manufacturers shorten them to FHD, 1440, 4k, and so forth.

The well-known idea with display decisions is that the better is the price, the sharper the show is. With this, you want to get a pc with an extra top screen decision to immerse in vibrant, brighter displays with more critical information. Some laptops come with a whopping 4k decision. However, these laptops include a premium charge tag. Nevertheless, a 1080p display resolution will suffice for most laptop responsibilities, even the pix extensive ones.

  •  Contrast Ratio

Another factor you want to look into is the display’s contrast ratio. The contrast ratio is the difference in luminance between the brightest hues towards the darkest colors. Collections with a higher evaluation ratio generally translate to shows with correct color representation.

  •  Nits

Brightness is probably one of the essential factors seen through customers throughout the globe. Like smartphones and mobile gadgets, we need our laptops to offer bright displays that correctly show the collection despite harsh lights.

Nits are the unit used to measure the degree of brightness from the screen. Generally, a laptop with a better unit rating approaches a brighter display screen. Most laptops these days include a variety of 2 hundred to three hundred nits. If a computer exceeds the three hundred nits, this is first-rate compared to the average score. Macs typically excel when it comes to providing animated shows. Their extra current releases have screens that can attain up to 540 nits.

  • Black and White Accuracy

Another measure of the quality of the display screen is how it may display black degrees. This issue is incredibly similar to the assessment ratio. However, there is greater concern about determining how the show can show black hues. This is measured through several. The decrease in the number is, the higher the black level illustration. In this manner, the display can show pitch-black hues.

Aside from this, the white tiers are also being measured. In evaluation, a better value is an extra green, white color representation. A fee of 255 is the highest degree located on the RGB scale. AT this level, the show can show additional correct white hues.

  •  Refresh Rates

You need to recall some factors, including sRGB graphs, HDR, and others. However, we can only emphasize the importance of knowing the monitor’s refresh prices. The refresh fee is the period used to describe the frequency of shows to alternate the photograph. Measured in hertz, the standard refresh prices for laptops are 60Hz and one hundred forty-four Hz. This is extremely important for purchasers who are into gaming.

A better refresh price translates to higher gameplay and lesser crashes. With this, you need no longer fear constant lags and delays whenever the video card is pushing its first-class, especially for images-intensive video games and responsibilities.

  • How to find size without measuring:

  • Identify With Model Number

Firstly, all the laptops get up with their whole model number. So, you could find your display length by utilizing the model wide variety of the computer. For example, the display screen size of the Acer pc with the S291HL version wide variety is 20 inches.

So, you will be capable of locating the display screen length of the pc instantly with the aid of the quantity of 20. Which arose after the letter S. Usually, the version number of laptops starts off evolved with 1 or 2 notes above the amount. Hence, the number later on in the first letters typically suggests the dimensions of your laptop display screen.

  •  Using the Specifications Details of The PC Model

Secondly, a smooth but straightforward technique to find out your computer screen size without measuring is to search the laptop version’s specifications, which might be to be had on the protection or within the person guide of the laptop. These specs show the screen length of your computer.

  •  Download a Software

The software program mostly gives you records approximately your computer and provides screen length with extra show functions. Just deploy the software program, enter the model variety of the laptop, and discover what display size my laptop is.

  •  Search Online For The PC

For this cause, you need to be acquainted with the call of your PC and the model range. Mostly, you could treasure the version range at the hatches of the lowest panel.


When you find the desired info, bypass it into Google search. There you may click at the pinnacle effects that resemble the best. Consequently, this result can provide the riders with your laptop’s display and more vital hardware statistics.

  •  View The Laptop’s Manual:

Chiefly, to inquire how to find my laptop display screen length, you could take assistance from the computer’s manual, which comes with the laptop while you got it. Open the laptop’s manual and test the display capabilities. This guide will defiantly assist you in finding pc display screen length.

  • Inspecting The Backside of Your Laptop

Furthermore, flip the rear of your PC and search for labels having computer models and positive excellent pc features. It further accommodates display screen size at the laptop.

Likewise, the screen size in a few laptops is proven by using a determination inside the top right corner. For example, the H213HX shows a display length of 21 inches.

Measure Laptop Screen With Any Standard Object

The most straightforward, most accessible, and non-technical approach to degree your laptop screen is to apply any popular item that’s available at your doorstep without difficulty. You can use A4 white paper for this cause. A4 size white paper is thirteen-inch in fashion. Your laptop screen would be small or large from A4 size. Standard requirements of computer display which might be usually used are 10.1, 11.6, thirteen. Three, 14.1, 15.4, and 17.3-inch.


Measuring a laptop’s display screen takes just a few mins. You already know how to determine your pc display screen size without measuring when you acquire the measurement; we strongly advise you to write it down so that you don’t just count the pc again.

If you do nothing, ensure the screen decision is as a minimum 1920 x 1080. Think whether or not you need to touch, and then don’t forget the shade quality and brightness. Worry approximately refresh costs and response instances only if you are a serious gamer.

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